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Find terrific books in a variety of genres and discover how to enhance your reading environment.  I don’t reprint canned reviews or recommendations here.  I only provide straight-up reviews based on personal experience.  Of course, these reviews are colored by my own quirky biases but fear not!  I haven't been paid for any of these recommendations.

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Right On Book Picks with Book ReviewsLink to Right On Book Picks and Reviews

These books weren’t selected to impress your literature professor (although some will).  They are great reads that transport you into another life or another world.  They include books from a variety of genres that are well written, have terrific characters, great plots, intriguing premises, or are just plain fun to read.  These books are guaranteed to take you away from whatever worries are bothering you today.  Of course, these recommendations are totally based on my highly biased opinions which may be very different from yours.  

My list of Right On Book Picks only contains the best of the best. Go ahead and try one of these top picks and if you like it, you’re sure to enjoy more.  Genres include modern fiction, science fiction, and classics.

For more book reviews, go to the complete review lists which include the books that didn't make it into my top pick lists. Reviews are sorted by author, title, and by rating within the following genres:  modern fiction, science fiction, and classic fiction.  More genres will be added in the future.

Coffee Corner

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There's a wide range of types of espresso machines.  I've found that most people prefer the E.S.E pod espresso machines or the super automatic espresso machines.  To find the best type of machine for your individual needs, check out the Coffee Corner.

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